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Software Implementation is the most crucial part of the whole ERP project. Having said that, do you know how much emphasis companies put into selecting an implementation partner based on the way they will implement their processes into the software? A meagre 1 out of 10 companies evaluate and check the detailed features of the software in order to justify if the ERP is fit for their normal day to day as well as critical working requirements. Apart from the detailed study of the customers’ business processes, it is also important to provide a precise demo of the software, based on those processes. At Qnomix We offer complete consulting services of all the aspects of your business that need to be realised, integrated and consistently work within the SAP Business One software.

Customized Solution & Development

Customization that needs to be done within a prebuilt ERP is often a critical requirement for the customer as per their business needs. This is something which customers don’t realize before purchasing any software. Most partners try to ignore this fact and instead try to push the core product. At Qnomix, we first analyse the development part, volume of work required, efforts that needs to be put and how much time it will take, well before we can actually ask the customer to purchase product. SAP has provided an immense scope for customization within B1 but it is up to partners like us to deliver the right features within a software as per the needs of a company.

Integration With Any System

We offer integration services with third party software’s, analytical tools, e-commerce websites, assimilation of machine data etc. It is quite relevant from market buying patterns that customers are reluctant to purchase an ERP which offers only the core ERP services and nothing else. More and more customers have slowly and steadily shown the desire to have more enhanced data understanding capabilities within an ERP for which integration with third party software’s is of critical importance. For further clarity on different integration services related to machine learning, Business Intelligence and IOT, please refer the Digital Transformation section of this website.

Training To End Users

During the course of implementation of the Software, we provide meticulous training to a majority of the SAP users within the company. Most partners and even SAP follows the ‘train the trainer’ concept i.e they train hardly 2 or 3 people within the company, who in turn train the other users to carry out their day to day activities on the software. In our case we prefer to train maximum number of users possible so that people use the software regularly and religiously. We also offer module and department wise training and group training of all departments together in order to check company’s workflow on a test level before going live.

Third Party Consulting Services

How would a company gauge the level of performance of their software? How would a company identify if the various implementation methodology adopted by a partner is right or wrong? How would they identify if work flow methods being followed are industry best practices? The answers to all these questions are right at our doorstep. Qnomix offers the best in practice auditing and software consulting services for SAP B1. We conduct a thorough study and provide a detailed document of our audit on the SAP B1 application.

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