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Build SAP solutions with use cases by involving real end-users.

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VMS - Visitor Management System

Organizations today whether large, medium sized or small, will have its corresponding volume of visitors. Your offices may fall into any of the above categories and management may well be looking at how to manage this volume. Technology comes to the rescue of many tired security personnel trying to keep track of the number of visitors on a daily basis.

Gate Pass Control

For all goods/material entering the main premise of the company, GPC ensures that all the goods are counted and checked at the gate itself. All the readings are recorded in the GPC.This proivdes additional security as well as electronic maintainence of records and no need to worry about handling all the paperwork. No more relying on the security official's memory.

Quality control

QC helps in maintaining standards in manufactured or purchased products. It ensures product quality is maintained or improved against a set of quality checks and that if errors are encountered then they are either eliminated or reduced. QC provides facility to upload documents of quality check related to a particular product (finished/semi finished).

Production control

SAP provides in build facility to produce single Finished Goods (FG) in a Production Order (PO). Our Production control add on gives you the freedom to create multiple FG in a single PO.

Sub Contracting

Job work is the processing or working on goods supplied by another person/entity to complete a part or whole of the process. Job work can be undertaken for the initial process, intermediate process, assembly, packing or any other completion process or complete manufacturing. Sub Contracting maintains all records of a company's internal Job Work process.

IMEX Management

Import Export Management is a perfect add on for maintaining all your import export data. The Import Export Management approach to excellent service is as rigorous as it is strategic from detailed booth design proposals to the methodical selection of venues for public relations events.

Easy Sales

Hassle free generation of AR invoice directly when you generate delivery. Sometimes it is tredeous to generate AR Invoice once the delivery is made.It just becomes a brainless task to generate AR Invoice from delivery without changing anything. Easy sales comes to the rescue at this time. One click solution to generate delivery and AR Invoice at the same time.

LC Management

Letter of Credit (LC) is a letter issued by a bank to another bank to serve as a guarantee for payments made to a specified person under specified conditions. LC Management add on manages LC documents, shipping details, responsible bank gauranteer name,amendments and much more.

Barcode Add on

Easy integration of barcode systems with SAP for your sales process. The barcode label printing is to be done for the cartons in which the finished goods are packed. For printing barcode directly on the items, a marking system can be used. The Date of Packing, Batch Number and Barcode EAN can be passed to the marking system as an XML or flat file from SAP Business One.

Machine integration

We provide integration of any external device that provides windows API with SAP. Data that is useful for your business and that is stored in some other software after reading it from the external device needs to be entered manually in SAP. But our products integrate such devices directly to SAP so that the manual data entry step is completely eliminated. For example integration of Web Bridge machine with SAP.

Web-Mobile Development

Qnomix provide solution from Startup to Enterprise level company. As a mobile and web app development company, we ensure that you get attention of your target audience and increase number of customer on the website or mobile app. We offer varying degree of web development services and mobile app development to give you an edge over your competitors in terms of ROI, quality, time-to-market, marketing, and many relevant things.

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